Research shows that consistent exercise benefits people with Parkinson’s Disease, helping to protect certain areas of the brain affected by the disease. Exercises that focus on balance, coordination, and agility, help those affected by Parkinson’s to maintain higher levels of function and greater quality of life.  

The Parkinson’s Body & Mind program at YMCA of Greenwich offers group wellness classes as well as monthly support groups for this rapidly growing community.

Current Classes – LIVE at the YMCA & Virtual

Updated 9/20/2023

Yoga: Calm your mind while improving strength and flexibility.

Tai Chi: Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi connects the mind and body through graceful movements. This ancient Chinese martial art helps relieve physical stress on the body with relaxation and coordination exercises. *There will be a designated room for Members who wish to do Tai Chi together or prefer a group environment.

Weight Circuit: Incorporating weights, body weight movements and boxing this circuit will work on both your strength and cardio.

Nia Dance: The Nia Technique is a barefoot, mindful movement practice that combines moves from dance, martial arts and healing arts. No experience necessary, dress comfortably.

Boxing: Improve your balance, coordination, and stamina.

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Join our PD Body & Mind Support Group for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners. *Postponed until further notice*


Meet our PD Body & Mind Support Group Leader, Jim Stratoudakis Ph.D., LCP Retired

•  Licensed Clinical Psychologist
•  Results Oriented Executive Leadership grounded in Behavioral Health Clinical Experience
•  Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences
•  Adjunct Professor George Mason University Counseling and Development

Program Policies:

Parkinson’s (PD) Body & Mind Program Pass

In order to better serve the participants of our Parkinson’s Body & Mind programs and make it easier to receive YMCA communications and check-in, we have transitioned from a per class drop in fee* to a monthly rate for unlimited classes and programming.

PD Body & Mind Program Pass holders benefit from:

  • Access to unlimited weekly Parkinson’s Body & Mind classes and programming at the YMCA.
  • Having an active membership to the YMCA of Greenwich, thus receiving all YMCA communications as well as the ability to download the YMCA of Greenwich app for easy class registration.
  • The ability to freeze the re-occurring monthly fee at any time as it suits the participant.
  • Zero joiner’s fee that is normally assessed for new memberships.
  • Coming soon! – One time assessment with a Parkinson’s clinical therapist for goal setting and mobility assessment.

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