Our leaders, comprising experienced professionals and passionate community advocates, are committed to fostering a nurturing environment for personal growth, healthy living, and social responsibility. Get to know the individuals whose vision and expertise drive our mission forward, ensuring that the YMCA remains a beacon of support and inspiration for all.

Matthew Skaarup
Chief Executive Officer
203.869.1630 ext. 104
Julia Borges
Camp & Childcare Director
203-869-1630 ext. 109
Jodi FitzGerald
Senior Director of Member Experience
203-869-1630 ext. 210
Lauren Gaita
Aquatic Programs and Training Manager
203-869-1630 ext. 205
Kelley Gordon-Minott
Senior Director of Youth Development
203-869-1630 ext. 506
Noreen Haggerty
Marlins Novice Swim Team Coach
Patrick Kennedy
Marlins Swim Team Head Coach
203.869.1630 ext. 529
Dylan Korn
Marlins Diving Club Head Coach
203.869.1630 ext. 305
Steve Lesperance
Facilities Manager
203.869.1630 ext. 106
Stephen Melvin
Director of Finance
203.869.1630 ext. 204
Dakota O’Brien
Director of Marketing and Communications
203-869-1630 ext. 112
Brooke Reinfeld
Marlins Diving Club Coach
203.869.1630 ext. 305
Manny Salcedo
Membership Relations Manager
203.869.1630 ext. 502
Nathan Smith
Vice President of Operations
203-869-1630 ext. 525
Louise Varricchio
Senior Director of People and Culture
203-869-1630 ext. 208
William Walsh
Marlins Junior Swim Team Coach
Kim Tierney Wang
Senior Manager of Water Polo Operations
203.869.1630 ext. 302
Dinero Young
Youth Sports Coordinator
203-869-1630 ext. 308