Everyone in the pool for Swim School! 



January 9 – April 10

  • Member Registration: December 14
  • Non-Member Registration: December 21
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 18)
    • Winter Break (February 8-15)
    • Easter Weekend (April 2-4)


  • Please arrive at the YMCA 10 minutes prior to you class start time to allow for time to check in at the Front Desk
  • All participants must have an up to date COVID waiver signed
  • All participants 2 year and older will be required to wear a mask
  • Instructors will be wearing face shields while teaching in the water
  • There will be ten minutes between classes to allow for social distancing
  • Participants are asked to wait in the hall way prior to class. Once the previous class has cleared the pool deck, the next class will be let into the pool area. As you enter please stay to the right. Leave your child’s mask on until they have their belonging set down and they are ready to sit on the side of the pool
  • Once your child’s class is done they will be instructed to put their mask back on, retrieve their belongings and exit the pool. Parents should wait outside the silver door for their children.
  • All parents should watch their child’s lessons from the Observation Deck. With capacity issues related to social distancing, parents will only be allowed on deck to help their children to their class, if needed.
  • There will be a sign in and sign out outside of the pool door. Please sign your child in and out before and after each lesson.
  • You must remain in the building during your child’s lesson. No exceptions.



Please email swimschool@gwymca.org to schedule. Evaluations will be conducted the August 24th– 27th and August 31st– September 3rd. You must schedule your evaluation in order to maintain social distancing.

Questions? We’d love to help. 

For more information, please contact Jacobo Romero at swimschool@gwymca.org

More than just swim lessons.

We offer swim classes and private lessons for parent and child, infants, young children, teenagers, and adults on weekdays, evenings, and weekends all year long.

If you have any questions regarding Swim School including registration, pricing and class schedules, please contact Jacobo Romero at swimschool@gwymca.org.

*Please note all times and offerings are subject to change.


Registering for our programs is fast and easy!

  • Register Online. Visit our Online Registration Portal
  • Register In-Person. Our Member Services Team is also available to assist you in signing up for classes and programs.
  • Participants may only attend classes for which they are registered.
  • NOTE: When you register for the Fall session, you will be reserving a spot for the entire duration of the Fall session (12 weeks), though we are only billing for four weeks out at a time. If you would like to cancel, you must send in a cancelation request at least five days prior to billing, which will happen on the first of each month. Failure to provide a cancellation request will NOT result in a refund or credit. Cancellations do not apply to Swim School lessons. 
  • NOTE: Swim School classes may require an evaluation. Evaluations prior to registration for new participants and those who missed the last session are mandatory. Please schedule in a timely fashion prior to classes beginning.


Program Cancellation & Absences Policies

  • Classes that are canceled by the YMCA, unrelated to COVID, due to unforeseen circumstances or facilities related issues, will be rescheduled for make-up if possible or issued a class credit.
  • Absences of any kind will not result in any make up classes or refund of class fees.

Following the YMCA National Swim Instruction Program, our curriculum focuses on teaching water safety and comfort followed by stroke development. All lessons are held in our Alumni warm-water pool for 30 minutes with the exception of YOUTH levels 4-6 which are 45 minutes, and Level 7’s which are 1 hour.


If you are not a member of the YMCA of Greenwich, or have not taken a class within the last session at our facility, a swim evaluation is necessary. Registration without an evaluation will result in non-refund. Evaluations take approximately 5 minutes. No evaluation needed for children under 3 years old (i.e. Parent & Child Classes).

If you would like to schedule a swim evaluation, please contact Jacobo Romero at swimschool@gwymca.org.


LEVEL A1 & A2 

  • LEVEL A2 – 14 MONTHS – 21 MONTHS

Parents accompany children in Level  A, which introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through exploration and encourages them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water.


  • LEVEL B1 – 22 MONTHS – 28 MONTHS
  • LEVEL B2 – 29 MONTHS – 35 MONTHS

In stage B, parents work with their children to explore body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills. 


In stage 1, students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage lays the foundation that allows for a student’s future progress in swimming.


In stage 2, students focus on body position and control, directional change, and forward movement in the water while also continuing to practice how to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.


In stage 3, students learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance than in previous stages in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action.


Students in stage 4 develop stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and learn the breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. Water safety is reinforced through treading water and elementary backstroke.


Students in stage 5 work on stroke technique and learn all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and sidestroke. 


In stage 6, students refine stroke technique on all major competitive strokes, learn about competitive swimming, and discover how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle.

PRETEAM LEVEL 7A & 7B (6-13 yrs)

Students in stage 7 are able to swim all four strokes and are looking to join a competitive team or are looking to reinforce skills in a non competitive setting.

QUESTIONS? We’d love to help. 

To discuss all of your Swim Lesson options including Private Swim lessons, please contact Jacobo Romero at swimschool@gwymca.org.