Summer 2024 Adult Wellness Programs

In addition to our standard Group Wellness classes, we are now offering new multi-week programs that are professionally designed to deliver a fun fitness experience.

At the Y, our programs encourage people of all ages and activity levels to improve their overall health — and we provide a supportive community to do so. 

Summer 2024 Session: June 26 - August 17

Priority Registration: May 17th
Member Registration: May 20th
Non-Member Registration: May 27th
*You qualify for Priority Registration if you meet both of the following requirements:
  • You’re a member of the YMCA of Greenwich
  • You enrolled in Youth/Teen Programs for the Spring 2 2024 Session

No Classes: July 4

Adult Boxing Small Group

Come learn the foundations of boxing in this moderate to intense progressive six week series. This class will teach you boxing technique to include offensive and defensive drills and footwork using mitts, pads, speed bags, partner drills and heavy bags.

*Please note that you will need your own wraps. Boxing gloves are provided or feel free to bring your own!

This program is purchased on an individual class basis. 


Ages 18+

Location: Boxing Loft

Instructor: Brian Dowd

Wednesdays at 8:00AM


Thursdays at 4:30PM

Golf Fitness

Improve your golf game in just six weeks of classes. We will work on core stability, rotational strength, and generating explosive power through the legs. These exercises will give you a stronger stance, improve your swing, and even make walking the course easier. Winter is the perfect time to get started on building strength for the spring and summer.

This program is purchased on an individual class basis. 


Ages 18+

Location: Wellness Room

Instructor: Devin Monahan

Saturdays at 9:00AM

Questions? We’d love to help.


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