We’re excited to welcome you and your family back to the Y. 

Your health and well-being remain our biggest priority. 

We have some exciting new and returning programs to keep you and your family cozy & active all Winter long.

Coupled with our updated policies and procedures, we will continue to CONNECT AT THE Y.


January 9 – April 10

  • Member Registration: December 14
  • Non-Member Registration: December 21
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 18)
    • Winter Break (February 8-15)
    • Easter Weekend (April 2-4)
Parent & Child Activities Youth Enrichment Programs Youth Sports & Wellness Teen Wellness Swim School


Registering for our programs is fast and easy! 

  • Register Online. Visit our Online Registration Portal
  • Register In-Person. Our Member Services Team is also available to assist you in signing up for classes and programs.
  • Participants may only attend classes for which they are registered. 
  • NOTE: When you register for the Fall session, you will be reserving a spot for the entire duration of the Fall session (12 weeks), though we are only billing for four weeks out at a time. If you would like to cancel, you must send in a cancelation request at least five days prior to billing, which will happen on the first of each month. Failure to provide a cancellation request will NOT result in a refund or credit. Cancellations do not apply to Swim School lessons. 
  • NOTE: Swim School classes may require an evaluation. Evaluations prior to registration for new participants and those who missed the last session are mandatory. Please schedule in a timely fashion prior to classes beginning. 

COVID-19 Refund/ Credit Policies

Updated August 2020. All YMCA Programs that begin this Fall will follow their usual commitment period (e.g., Swim Team – one year, Fall Programs – 12-weeks.)  For this period, the YMCA will be billing over a periodic basis:

  • Annual/quarterly commitment programs will be billed quarterly
  • 12-week programs will be billed monthly

Additionally, each of the programs has their own “trial” periods where a full refund can be obtained for non-COVID-19 reasons (e.g., two weeks for annual programs.)

Should we have a Facility Closure due to…

Member(s) tests positive:

  • Close affected areas of facility for the day for deep clean.
  • Positive test Member would not be permitted to return to Y until fulfilled the following requirements:
    • Latest CDC prescribed quarantine period (QP).
    • At end of QP, will be permitted to return to the activity if they
      • Have a negative test result within 72 hours of return
      • Show no illness/symptoms
  • No refund or credit for closure.

Government-mandated closure occurs:

  • Passing the halfway point in the program/class schedule/billing period, will not result in any refunds or credits.
  • Prior to reaching the halfway point in the billing period, the Y will issue a ratable credit to be used for the next session.

Program participant who tests positive for COVID-19 would be required to miss program activity under above guidelines for “Member(s) tests positive”.

  • No refund or credit will be provided for QP nor if participant elects to not return.
  • If tests positive after registration but prior to program commencement, a full refund will be provided.

Program group closure due to positive COVID-19 test within group.

  • Same rules as participant for all group members.

Questions? We’d love to help. 

For more information regarding Youth Programs and Fall Registration, please contact Diana Gonzalez at