January 18 – April 11

  • Member Registration: January 3
  • Non-Member Registration: January 10
    • President’s Week (February 14-21)


Registering for our programs is fast and easy! 

  • Register Online. Visit our Online Registration Portal
  • Register In-Person. Our Member Services Team is also available to assist you in signing up for classes and programs.
  • Participants may only attend classes for which they are registered. 
  • NOTE: When you register for the Spring session, you will be reserving a spot for the entire duration of the Spring session (10 weeks), though we are only billing for four weeks out at a time. If you would like to cancel, you must send in a cancelation request at least five days prior to billing, which will happen on the first of each month. Failure to provide a cancellation request will NOT result in a refund or credit. Cancellations do not apply to Swim School lessons. 
  • NOTE: Swim School classes may require an evaluation. Evaluations prior to registration for new participants and those who missed the last session are mandatory. Please schedule in a timely fashion prior to classes beginning. 

COVID-19 Refund/ Credit Policies

Updated August 2020. All YMCA Programs that begin this Spring will follow their usual commitment period (e.g., Swim Team – one year, Spring Programs – 10-weeks.)  For this period, the YMCA will be billing over a periodic basis:

  • Annual/quarterly commitment programs will be billed quarterly
  • 10-week programs will be billed monthly

Additionally, each of the programs has their own “trial” periods where a full refund can be obtained for non-COVID-19 reasons (e.g., two weeks for annual programs.)

Should we have a Facility Closure due to…

Member(s) tests positive:

  • Close affected areas of facility for the day for deep clean.
  • Positive test Member would not be permitted to return to Y until fulfilled the following requirements:
    • Latest CDC prescribed quarantine period (QP).
    • At end of QP, will be permitted to return to the activity if they
      • Have a negative test result within 72 hours of return
      • Show no illness/symptoms
  • No refund or credit for closure.

Government-mandated closure occurs:

  • Passing the halfway point in the program/class schedule/billing period, will not result in any refunds or credits.
  • Prior to reaching the halfway point in the billing period, the Y will issue a ratable credit to be used for the next session.

Program participant who tests positive for COVID-19 would be required to miss program activity under above guidelines for “Member(s) tests positive”.

  • No refund or credit will be provided for QP nor if participant elects to not return.
  • If tests positive after registration but prior to program commencement, a full refund will be provided.

Program group closure due to positive COVID-19 test within group.

  • Same rules as participant for all group members.

Program Cancellation & Absences Policies

  • Classes that are canceled by the YMCA, unrelated to COVID, due to unforeseen circumstances or facilities related issues, will be rescheduled for make-up if possible or issued a class credit.
  • Absences of any kind will not result in any make up classes or refund of class fees.


Inclement Weather Policies 

For the safety of our members and staff, the YMCA of Greenwich may close the facility due to inclement weather. Members may access information regarding closures and delays by:

  • Calling 203.869.1630
  • Checking the YMCA’s website and social media accounts:, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Check with local announcing stations -1490 AM WGCH (radio) and News 12 CT (television).
  • In the event of wind, thunder and lightning storms: the CEO and Aquatics staff will determine any cancellations and will notify families accordingly via email. 
  • If Greenwich Public Schools are closed: All Youth Classes are canceled. All adult programs will run based on the availability of instructors.
  • If Greenwich Public Schools have a 1 hour delay: All Youth Classes scheduled to start before 9:45 am are canceled. All classes after 9:45 am will run. All adult programs run based on the availability of instructors.
  • If Greenwich Public Schools have a 2 hour delay: All Youth Classes scheduled to start before 10:45 am are canceled. All classes after 10:45 am will run. All adult programs run based on the availability of instructor.
  • If Greenwich Public Schools have an early dismissal: All programs run based on the availability of instructors and at the discretion of the YMCA.  Please call or check the website.


The following programs offered by the YMCA of Greenwich are programs that require registration. We strictly enforce registration requirements to ensure safety for all of our Members. 

  • Run Club – requires registration, no fees
  • Tri- Club – requires registration and monthly dues
  • Masters Swim – requires registration and monthly dues
  • Masters Water Polo – requires registration and seasonal dues
  • Senior Swim – requires registration and participants must be a Greenwich resident