Q: Why do I have to make a reservation to come to the YMCA?

A: State guidelines have capacity maximums currently in place for various aspects of fitness centers, including group fitness and lap swimming.    Our reservation system allows us to guarantee that we are adhering to capacity restrictions at all times, as well as to provide a means to contact trace.

Q: How far in advance can I make a reservation for a pool lane/wellness block/group class/etc.?

A:  Reservations for all features within our facility are available 48 hours in advance via our app.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: We ask that members cancel a reservation as soon as possible upon not needing a reservation.  This opens up the spot for another member who is waiting to reserve.

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?

A: Please use your app to cancel your booking.  Open up the app and go to your reservation.   Open the reservation and select ‘cancel’.

Q: What happens if I don’t cancel and don’t show up?

A: Members who repeatedly fail to show up for their reservations without prior cancellation may lead to suspension of membership privileges as determined by senior management.


Q: Are all lane reservations for 55 minutes?

A: No, select lanes are less than 55 minutes when they are contiguous to a program in the pool.  These lane durations are noted in the YMCA App/reservation system.  Please note the duration of your reservation when booked.

Q: If we live in the same household can we share a lane?

A:  No. Current CT state guidelines declare that “pools that serve more than one household may open only for regulated lap swimming with one person per lane”.

Q:  How old do I have to be to reserve a lane?

A:  Members must be 16 years of age in order to arrive and swim on their own.   In the event of an emergency, we need to ask for consent to provide medical care.   Anyone under 16 cannot give consent.  We have provided a limited exception for Under 16/Aquatic Youth members are allowed with parents (lane reservation) or a coach (small group training session) on deck.

Q: Can I accompany my child to/ from the pool deck?

A: Due to capacity limitations on the pool deck, we ask parents/caregivers to drop off and pick up children from the entrance to the Y.

Q: Can I book two lane reservations in one day?

A: We ask all members to reserve only one spot per person per day.

Q: What do I do if I arrive to my reserved lane and someone is there?

A: Please reach out to our lifeguards who are here to help.  While sitting in the guard chair, a guard’s primary responsibility is watching the pool so he/she will engage secondary lifeguards in the guard office or cleaning on deck to assist.

Q: What lanes have ladder access?

A: Lanes 1, 8, 16 and 21 have ladder access.   Lane 1 also has stairs and a lift chair.   If you need help with any of these items please ask the lifeguard for assistance.

Q: What does it mean if the guard puts their red lifeguard tube in the water while I am swimming towards the wall?

A: This is a 5 minute courtesy warning that the end your lane reservation is approaching.

Q: What is the mask policy for the pools?

A: In following with the state guidelines, we ask that you wear your mask up until you enter the pool and put it back on immediately when exiting the water.   Walking around on the pool deck without a mask for any reason is not permitted.

Q: Is there any COVID etiquette I should follow poolside?

A: Please do not converse across lanes while in the pool without a mask on.


Q: What areas do I have access to when I reserve Wellness Center?

A: A reservation for the Wellness Room gives a member access to the 1st floor Wellness Center, Ground Floor Base Fitness (max 6 at a time), the turf stretching area (max 4 at a time), basketball gymnasium (max 2 players per1/2 gym, playing independently, and the boxing loft (max 4 at a time).

Q: How often is the Wellness Center cleaned?

A:  We close our Wellness Center every 90 minutes for a thorough cleaning session in which our staff disinfects all contact surfaces of machines and equipment.  Members are asked to wipe down all machines and equipment after each use.   Each night our cleaning staff performs a deep clean for the entire area.

Q: Why I need to make a reservation for a group fitness class?

A: State guidelines have capacity maximums currently in place for various aspects of fitness centers, including group fitness classes.  Our reservation system allows us to guarantee that we are adhering to capacity restrictions at all times for a given location, as well as to provide a means to contact trace.

Q: What if I am attending a class but then want to use the wellness center before or after?

A: If you will be using the wellness center before or after your class, you must make a reservation.  We kindly ask, however, that members notify a wellness associate if they are leaving the wellness block with more than 30 minutes remaining, so that others who are waiting may enter.

Q: What if I am attending a class, but then just want to stretch after?  Do I need to make a Wellness Room reservation?

A: No, please utilize one of the “clean” mats to stretch in the basketball gymnasium or turf area.

Q: Working out in a mask is uncomfortable and constrains my breathing.  Can I not remove it for a brief moment to catch my breath?

A: Unfortunately not.  Current state guidelines mandate that masks must be worn inside of a gym facility 100% of the time, the only exceptions being in a pool or shower.

Q: I forgot my water bottle. Do you have any to spare?

A: We have vending machines located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building which sell bottled water and other beverages.


Q: Are non-members allowed to use the facility on a day pass?

A: No, the YMCA of Greenwich is currently only open to members.

Q: Can I use the YMCA of Greenwich with my nationwide reciprocity membership?

A: No, the YMCA of Greenwich is currently only open to members and is not accepting reciprocity members.

Q: Can I try out the facility on a free trial prior to joining?

A: Not at this time. Staff is prepared to answer all your questions and give you a full tour of the facility to help you make your decision if the YMCA is right for you.

Q: Do I have to be a resident of Greenwich to join as a member?

A: No, you may join the YMCA of Greenwich as a member despite not living in Greenwich.

Q: Do I have to make a reservation to use the facility?

A: Facility reservation is highly encouraged and recommended to ensure your entry. You may choose to walk in for spot in the facility but entry is not guaranteed.

Q: I didn’t make a reservation but I know people will not attend theirs. Can I be let in and find an open spot?

A: No. Many members may show up for their reservation at a later time rather than their starting block.

Q: I will not be here for the entire duration of my reservation. Is that ok?

A: Yes, you do not need to commit to the entire time of your reservation. However, we do ask that you let the Membership Service team know of your departure as it may open a time slot for a member waiting to get in who was unable to get a reservation.


Q: What is the age limit to wearing masks?

A: Children 2 years of age and older should wear a mask.

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask when attending Programs?

A: Yes, all chidlren 2 years and older must wear a mask while atteneding indoor classes at the YMCA.  Children particpating in outdoor classes may lower their masks as long as there is 12 feet distance between each particpant.

Q: Do I have to make a reservation for Childwatch?

A: Yes, reservations are required for use of the Childwatch room. Please call the Front Desk to book your reservation. Reservation may be booked up to one day in advance.