From our home to yours, amidst the closures and distancing, we will continue to serve our community as we have done for over 100 years in developing strong mind, body, and spirit.   Our entire YMCA of Greenwich team remains firmly committed to supporting the health and wellness of each and every member of our community, now more than ever.

While the environment around us is rapidly changing, we all know that the value of daily exercise and physical activity remains a constant for healthy living. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is critical in maintaining strength, reducing stress, and building immunity.  Of course, it never fails in letting off some steam!

Below are some great resources compiled by your YMCA team to bring our Y community to you, wherever you may be.   This resource page will update frequently to deliver fresh, innovative, and creative information.  Be sure to check back often!!

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Exclusive Partnerships Benefiting Our Community



The YMCA of Greenwich has partnered with MOSSA to provide you amazing YMCA Group Exercise programs such as Strength Train Together, Defend Together, and more. Now you can work out from the comfort of your own home with instant access to MOSSA classes.

MOSSA Athlete30 Workout MOSSA Blast Workout MOSSA Centergy Workout MOSSA Core Workout


MOSSA Fight Workout MOSSA Groove Workout MOSSA Power Workout MOSSA Ride30 Workout



Starting May 1, MOSSA will provide YMCA of Greenwich Members with a FREE* 14 day trial of MOSSA MOVE. MOSSA MOVE provides nine different types of workout ranging from cardio, strength, and mind body programming.

Each workout is designed with options and modifications so you can choose the intensity and challenge that are just right for you. Combine cardio and strength programs to maximize results! Work out from the comfort of your own home – on your TV, on your computer, or download the app and take your workouts wherever you go.

Start Your 14 Day Trial*


* A credit card is required on this offer. Your 14 day free trial begins when you sign up. After the free trial, the monthly subscription cost for MOSSA MOVE is $7.99/month. To avoid being charged, you must contact MOSSA and cancel before the date indicated when you signed up for your trial. This transaction is between you and the MOSSA MOVE service, independent from the YMCA of Greenwich.



YMCA 360

Free workouts, for the whole family! Enjoy the same programs you love at the Y – from your own home! With YMCA 360 browse over 95 workouts that you can play from any device – phone, computer or internet-enabled TV – no subscription required. Offers online Yoga, BootCamp, Barre and more classes from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Choose what you like and keep your mind relaxed and body moving.

YMCA 360




Les Mills is sharing a free streaming platform for all Ys to support their members outside the four walls of the Y! From Barre classes, BodyCombat, HIIT and more these classes will keep you active and inspired!

Les Mills @Home Workouts


With all that is going on in the world today, we need to be able to process and allow an emotional release, or at least some quiet in our minds. This series of guided meditations has been developed to make experiencing the benefits of mindfulness easy.

Resources from our YMCA Team


Wendy R's YouTube Kellz's YouTube - Zumba Allegra's YouTube - Yoga Sound Healing with Kat H.


Recommended by Nicole Nurse – Personal Trainer

  • Fitness Blender: Choose an area of focus or you can work the entire body.  Most of the exercises require minimal to no equipment, and you can also select intensity.
  • Angie’s Pilates Her workouts are the real deal! I will do them while I’m off.

From Wendy Moore – Group Wellness Instructor

Wendy brings you an audio meditation sure to help you focus and relax.


Recommended by Wendy Rosa – Group Wellness Instructor

Recommended by Pam Ferrel – Group Wellness Instructor

Leslie Sansone: 30 minutes of fast walking! Pam says, “if you can’t exercise with me…exercise with Leslie! She is easy to follow and implements knee lifts, arm movements, and then some.  There are several different videos of her on YouTube that are for different lengths of time.  I thought this would be something manageable to do at home to get your body moving!  If you want…and if you have them, you can add light weights with her routine.”



DPI Adaptive Fitness – Offering several different classes for all abilities including our Rock Steady Boxing class, Balance and Core, Mighty MSers and possibly more. These classes will ALWAYS be live streamed, will not require any extra equipment on your end and will be a great way to continue to maintain all of the progress you have made with us. Click here for their live class sign up.



SWIM.COM Workouts





Swimming Shooting & Passing Full Body & Triceps Cardio, Chest & Shoulders 1


Cardio, Chest & Shoulders 2 Cardio, Back & Core 1 Cardio, Back & Core 2 Foam Roller Recovery



From Maura O’Grady – Marlins Swim Team Head Coach

For all swimmers 6-13 
  • 1. 3 rounds of 15 sit ups
  • 2. 3 rounds of 10 push ups
  • 3. 3 rounds of 15 second planks
  • 4. 3 rounds of 10 burpees
  • 5. 3 rounds of 15 mountain climbers

After 1 week increase the rounds by 1


From Ulmis Iordache – Greenwich Aquatics Water Polo Coach

We need aerobic exercise for at least 45 minutes on a steady pace daily. The heart rate should go over 160, with some peaks higher than that. A run in the park, cycling, treadmill, stationary bike, will do it.

For strength and mobility, where we can definitely improve is pull-ups and dips. Those are back and tricep exercises that are crucial for our sport. The pull-ups can vary from a wide grip to a narrow grip. Dips can be on bars with legs hanging, or with heels on the ground. Regarding shoulders, the best things to do are bungee cords. There are plenty of exercises to do with bungee cords. Please check online, there are many videos for bungee workouts. For chest and core: lots of pushups, planks and sit-ups.

TRX is another great way to stay in shape, and it is probably one of the most beneficial things to own at this time since our sport is mainly upper body. There are so many beneficial exercises you can do with TRX.


From Dylan Korn – Marlins Diving Club Head Coach

Divers need to keep their strength and flexibility up. A good 10-15 minute warm up of cardio and dynamic exercises should get the body ready to work. Once your are warmed up you can move to a 30 minute workout that hits all the major muscle groups as well as diving drills to help with board work and acrobatics. When you are finally done with the work out, it is time to stretch and increase flexibility. It it best to increase flexibility after a work out once your muscles have warmed up. Take 20-30 seconds for each stretch to properly stretch and increase flexibility.

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