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Strength, Defense, Discipline… Get to know Instructor Nodar Karanadze

Nodar Karanadze started practicing karate at age of 4 in 1999 and has many first, second, and third, place titles of Georgian championships as well as the Kavkasus region from early 2000s to 2008. He became champion of the world in wado karate at age of 13 in 2008 championship in Braga, Portugal taking first and second places and again at the 2011 World Wado Karate Championship in Texas, taking first and third places at age of 16. Nodar currently teaches both group and private karate lessons to all ages and abilities.

Youth Y-Do
Have fun meet new friends and learn the fundamentals of Karate in a
non-competitive environment. Uniform can be purchased through the instructor after the first class.
Minimum Participants: 4
No classes Feb 12-19

3-5 years: Tuesday (11 classes) 4pm -4:45pm
6-9 years: Tuesday (11 classes): 5pm -5:45pm
9-12 years: Wednesday (11 classes): 4:15pm -5pm

Teen Y-Do
Combines fitness, self-defense, sport, discipline, and self-confidence. Learn a variety of tactics that involve punches, kicks, blocks, take downs, and weapon defense. You will work closely with an experienced teacher while having fun and keeping fit!
Minimum Participants: 4
No classes Feb 12-19

13-16 years:
Wednesday (11 classes) 5pm -5:45pm
Saturday (11 classes): 11:15am -11:45pm

Times and offerings are subject to change.

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