New 1-Meter Diving Board, Scholarship Fund dedicated at YMCA pool

Members of the YMCA of Greenwich Marlins Dive Club are entering the Y’s second century of service with a brand new 1-meter diving board and scholarship fund, thanks to a generous donation provided by an alumni diving family.

Christina and Sydney Powers dedicated the diving board in loving memory of their husband and father, Stephen B. Powers. The new board and scholarship program will provide assistance to this growing YMCA program.

“We are so grateful for this wonderful gift,” said Marlins Dive Coach, Dylan Korn “Another 1-meter board and scholarship fund will give young athletes and their families the opportunity to try driving.”

The Marlins Dive Club is both regionally and nationally recognized, with divers representing the Marlins at Olympic qualifying games and World events.

The dedication followed with a flip-a-thon event, where divers continued to raise funds by flipping for dollars. “The Marlins Diving Club is a special part of our Y Family,” Said CEO Bob DeAngelo, “It takes a lot of skill, dedication and guts to do what these kids do at practice everyday. Even though it’s a singular sport, divers really thrive when you have the support of great coaches, teammates and families. This generous gift from the Powers Family will help our club achieve our goals and thrive as a team. Thank you, Powers Family, for making more possible!”