Restoration Update: 10.10.16

Restoration Update: 10.10.16

Exciting news! Our Gymnasium and Boxing Loft are tentatively scheduled to reopen Thursday, December 1st.

Our Centennial Year Restoration Project has been a long and steady process, with much needed focus on upgrading our historic Gymnasium and Boxing Loft. We’re pleased to share with you today that the south wall bracing has been removed and the final phase of the Gymnasium restoration is underway!

Over the next several weeks, our team will focus on repainting walls, installing new equipment, refinishing the original floors and reinstalling windows in the south wall


Upgrading our south wall with windows restores the original
look and feel while bringing in natural light.


Both Boxing Loft and Gymnasium floors will be
fully restored to their shiny, original glory!

We’d like to thank you, our dedicated membership, for your continued patience and support throughout this exciting process!

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We can’t wait to see you all on court!