Introducing Fave Move Fridays!

YMCA Wellness Manager Greg Loomis and Personal Trainer Lamont Rollins will share with you weekly their favorite fitness moves of the week. Be sure to visit our website, Facebook and Instagram pages ever Friday. If you have any Fitness Question, Please contact Greg at

Before you start any exercise routine:

  • Always make sure you are properly warmed up before beginning any exercise routine
  • Make sure you know the proper form and techniques before attempting any training activity
  • Consult your medical doctor with any questions, comments or concerns regarding your ability level

Fave Workout Fridays- September 16, 2016

So this week we’re really into agility hurdles. Our trainers like to incorporate them into client sessions to increase quick feet, agility and speed. Here are two of our favorite moves. *If you cant get you hand on some hurdles, try grabbing some small cones or placing masking tape on the floor to mark your targets

Two Over Drill:
Place two hurdles one yard apart. Straddle one of the two hurdles and two-step over. When the lead leg touches on the outside of the second hurdle, immediately change direction.
*Pay attention to Lamont’s Trail leg. He never lets it touch the outside of the second hurdle. Make sure you complete the same number of drills alternating lead legs

Double Leg Hop into a Burpee
Place two hurdles a comfortable width apart. Starting on the outside of one hurdle, hop to the middle and immediately hop of the second hurdle on the outside. Drop your chest to the floor to a burpee position. Stand and repeat.

If you have any questions or want to book a session with on of our Personal Trainers, please contact Greg Loomis at